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Flexibility & Mobility Assessment

  • 5Weeks
  • 18Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Welcome to an extraordinary Flexibility & Mobility Program, meticulously crafted to assess your current abilities in the realm of Shaolin flexibility and mobility. Understanding where you begin is essential for designing an effective plan that will propel you forward in your journey toward enhanced flexibility and mobility. By completing this assessment, you'll unlock invaluable insights that will enable us to tailor a program specifically suited to accelerate your progress and conquer your goals with unwavering determination. Brace yourself to unleash your boundless potential! As you embark on this program, you'll be prompted to provide information for each step, including utilizing a drop-down menu and capturing a 30-second video or photo that showcases your form during the exercise. It is crucial that the media accurately reflects your technique from a clear angle that showcases your current level. Honesty and precision are the cornerstones of establishing a sturdy foundation for growth, so remain steadfast in your commitment to steady progress. Remember, this journey encompasses both your body and mind, so it is vital to provide truthful and comprehensive information for each exercise. If there are exercises you find challenging to perform, simply indicate so in the video or photo to accurately showcase your current level. Embrace this transformative opportunity and let us soar to new heights in your training together!

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