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Temple Chinese Course Level 1

  • 70Days
  • 51Steps


Hello Temple community! Exciting news – our new term of Chinese classes is just around the corner. In this term, we've designed an effective framework to help Temple students comprehend and express their needs confidently. We'll cover greetings, introductions, inquiries, desires, and necessities. Moreover, we'll address seeking assistance and grasping Chinese characters. The structure for the first five weeks: - Specific themes, such as: greeting - New Words/Characters - Practice with your classmates - Homework: Pinyin, and recognize Character We're committed to creating an immersive environment for seamless communication. The content of each week builds upon the previous one, so attendance is crucial. We also encourage you to embrace innovative learning approaches, enhancing your Chinese proficiency by delving into word roots. This foundation will serve as a stepping stone for expanding your Chinese communication horizons. Moving on to weeks six to ten: - We'll delve into sentence construction, leveraging the characters and words you've amassed in the previous five weeks. - New words/ characters - Practice - Homework - PinYin, Recognize During this phase, our aim is to enhance your sentence-building prowess using the vocabulary you've acquired. Additionally, between weeks five and six, we're excited to introduce Chinese tips that will enhance your understanding of the language while keeping your learning journey enjoyable.

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