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Plyometrics Assessment

  • 5Weeks
  • 14Steps
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Welcome to this extraordinary program specifically tailored to evaluate your proficiency in plyometric training exercises. Recognizing your current abilities is paramount in crafting an optimal plan that will propel you towards remarkable progress. By successfully completing this assessment, you will unlock invaluable insights that will empower us to design a program perfectly suited to accelerate your journey and conquer your goals with unwavering commitment. Prepare yourself to unleash your boundless potential and embark on an exhilarating transformation! As you progress, complete the questionnaire for each step, including scores, duration, and a 30-second video of the exercise. Ensure the video accurately reflects your form and repetitions. Honesty sets the foundation for growth, so stay committed to steady progress. Remember, this journey challenges both body and mind. Provide honest and complete information for each exercise. Use zero for reps you can't perform. Upload videos showcasing your current level. Embrace the opportunity for growth.

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Plyometrics Assessment

Plyometrics Assessment

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