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Kung Fu Sword & Shield

  • 10Weeks
  • 64Steps
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Hi! Temple fam, so excited see you here, In this fresh term of sword and shield (S&S), our focus will placing combine spiritual element and technical aspects. To start, it's vital to align your mindset with that of a warrior, by cultivating this profound comprehension, we'll elevate our grasp of both the form and the weapon itself. The S&S have been the iconic weapons of warriors since ancient times, and every movement of it is the summary and development of warriors after battle, so they symbolize the significance of history. In this program, we draw inspiration from the more prevalent styles of traditional Kung Fu forms, infuse these forms with movements and rhythms that embody the distinct traits of Shaolin warriors, we have retained the fundamental essence of offense and defence. Moreover, we've meticulously curated the sequence of movements to align with the logical progression of Kung Fu techniques, This endeavour transcends the mere acquisition of form-specific movements. It envelops a also by incorporating comprehensive movement descriptions and accompanying demonstration videos, we enable seamless participation in this remarkable learning process, regardless of one's location. Furthermore, we'll delve into the historical evolution of the Sword and Shield, uncovering its rich backstory and development. I encourage you to explore this realm, as we prepare to embark on a phenomenal journey ahead. Let's gear up for an incredible experience together!

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Kung Fu Sword & Shield

Kung Fu Sword & Shield

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