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Kung Fu Ground Moves Assessment

  • 5Weeks
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Kung Fu's Ground Moves is an extraordinary and exhilarating expression of martial arts that takes extreme movements to astonishing heights. This captivating style showcases a fusion of powerful strikes, agile footwork, and gravity-defying acrobatics, pushing the boundaries of physical limits. Ground Moves practitioners master the art of high leaping and fearless falls, fearlessly hurling their bodies through the air, only to land gracefully on the floor with remarkable precision. Additionally, they defy gravity with jaw-dropping head flips performed without the aid of hands, leaving spectators in awe of their agility and control. These awe-inspiring movements, along with a repertoire of other extraordinary techniques, highlight the incredible athleticism and discipline required to excel in Kung Fu's Ground Moves. It continues to captivate audiences and inspire practitioners to explore the thrilling possibilities of the human body. During this program, you'll be guided step by step to provide essential information, including photos, videos, and any other relevant details that will assist us in accurately assessing your current level. It is crucial to provide honest and comprehensive responses for each task. If there are exercises or techniques that pose significant challenges, feel free to indicate a zero or share a current photo or video showcasing your current abilities. Embrace this transformative opportunity and together, let us soar to new heights in your training.

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Kung Fu Ground Moves Assessment

Kung Fu Ground Moves Assessment

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