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Embarking on a transformative journey through the vibrant era of the 2000s has bestowed upon me invaluable wisdom, revealing a pivotal truth: the boundaries that confine us to a singular path are mere illusions. Our professional pursuits should not solely define us, but rather encompass our very essence. To truly embrace passion, we must infuse every facet of our existence with what sets our souls ablaze.

Allow me to share a glimpse of my diverse skill set, poised to assist and uplift you in various domains:




Unearthing boundless motivation has been a natural inclination for me, leading me to believe it was a universal trait shared by all. However, as life unfolded, I discovered that this unwavering drive isn't always inherent, and we all encounter moments that demand an extra push. It's a common struggle to locate the elusive sweet spot of motivation, even for individuals blessed with exceptional talent. There are instances when simply mustering the will to take action becomes an arduous task.


Throughout my personal journey, I have honed an array of methodologies and concepts to unearth motivation and inspiration. Armed with these invaluable tools, I am resolute in my ability to empower others in both the realms of business and personal life, aiding them in establishing, pursuing, and triumphantly shattering their goals.


Goal Setting | Life Planning | Money Management | Time Awareness | Staying Driven


Training courses through my veins, but it transcends the confines of monotonous hours confined to a gym. It intertwines seamlessly with the very essence of my existence, akin to the basic necessities of eating and sleeping. Regrettably, many individuals struggle to embrace exercise or maintain fitness due to a misguided approach. Just as indulging in a delectable meal, working out should ignite joy and pleasure. Diverse styles, preferences, locations, and environments amplify the richness of the experience. The exhilarating challenge of cultivating various skills while nurturing a sense of vitality and well-being is profoundly gratifying.

With unwavering passion, it is my calling to guide you towards your physical aspirations in a manner that celebrates your unique abilities, fostering harmony among your mind, body, and spirit. Together, we shall forge a path that empowers you to achieve your goals, while savoring every step of the journey.


Martial Arts | Running | Yoga| Body Poppin | Basketball | Soccer | Gymnastics | Weights | Calisthenics | Magic | Parkour


Design pulses in my body, shaping the very essence of my existence. Whether in the realm of web development, constructing architectural marvels, or meticulously crafting bespoke garments, I am enamored by every facet of the design process. It matters not whether you represent a thriving business or an individual seeking creative excellence – the presence of a skilled designer on your team can yield extraordinary results. They possess the remarkable ability to breathe life into ideas, transcending boundaries and transforming visions into awe-inspiring realities. Prepare to embark on a journey where imagination knows no limits, guided by a designer who will unleash the full potential of your aspirations.


Branding | Web Design | Videography | Photography | T-shirts | Interior Design | Advertisement | Social Media | Illustration | Photoshop


I embraced the audacious desire to push my boundaries and strive for greatness, just like countless others. Immersed in the vibrant culture of China, I was bestowed with a remarkable opportunity—the sole foreigner selected to join the esteemed Shaolin Wheel of Life tour. Together, we embarked on a global journey, captivating audiences numbering in the thousands with electrifying performances that transcended both live stages and television screens. The media took notice, shining a spotlight on my story, gracing the cover of Combat magazine, and granting me a place among the esteemed "Superstars of Dance."

Back in the United Kingdom, my journey continued to unfold with appearances on Stan Lee's Superhumans, showcasing extraordinary abilities, and progressing to the thrilling semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent. As the crowning achievement, I helmed my very own television show, "Kick Ass Kung Fu," a production by SKY 1, where I embarked on a transformative adventure with young adults from across the UK, guiding them to China to immerse themselves in the study of martial arts, empowering them to forge a brighter future. This captivating TV sensation, aired in 2012, resonated with audiences in over 30 countries worldwide, leaving an indelible mark.

Standing before the camera feels like second nature, and I relish the opportunity to bring my unique MJ flair to hosting and presenting events. With each engagement, I strive to infuse a touch of magic, delivering an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

In recent years, my exhilarating journey has taken me to stages far and wide, gracing prestigious Got Talent shows across multiple countries, including America, Italy held a special place in my heart, as I reached the finals of their edition and I took my team where we participated in the esteemed special edition Got Talent All Stars in Spain. I also made a captivating appearance in the finals of Moscow's Amazing People TV show. Together with my son, I ventured into the world of Guinness World Records, leaving our mark on a remarkable show in Italy.

Just when it seemed the adventure couldn't get any more thrilling, I embarked on an unforgettable tour in China. From awe-inspiring performances to engaging talks at various events and martial arts schools, I left an indelible impression across the nation. The journey was adorned with appearances on countless TV shows and news reports, cementing my presence in the hearts and minds of audiences near and far. Each step of this remarkable odyssey has fueled my passion and reinforced my commitment to showcasing the extraordinary power of martial arts.


Hosting |MC | Presenting | Fight Choreography | Stunt Coordinator


Collaborating with someone new is akin to embarking on a journey of building a profound connection. Like any budding relationship, it requires patience, mutual understanding, and a shared commitment to growth.

If you believe my expertise can be of assistance, I am eager to embark on this endeavor with you. Together, we can forge a path towards success and accomplish remarkable things. Let me know your thoughts, and let's make this happen.


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