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From a young girl growing up in rural China with BIG dreams.

To a successful business owner and mother.

I grew up in the heart of China in a small city in Henan province and from a very early age, I discovered the values of hard work and determination. Experiencing at first hand, the importance of setting and reaching goals, both personally and in a team environment. Creating benefits not just for myself, but others too. 

Moving from China to London when I was just 19 years old, I didn't speak much English, but along with MJ and my dreams I continued to work on myself! Starting with an English course I was quickly able to propel myself into higher education and before I knew it I had graduated from SOAS university in the heart of London with a Masters degree! 

With each day my dreams grow bigger and bigger! I currently work in central London at a high end casino and help manage the Temple along with MJ. I believe that working together is the best way to reveal true beauty, lets make something amazing happen. I always give my all and nothing less

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