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CHINA 2018 



The Shaolin Temple Henan Province



Total cost (without flights and visa) = £1299

(Shaolin Temple Seniors Orange Top Plus - £999)

1 payment of £400 by Decemeber 2017

2 Payment of £400 by March 2018

3 payment of £499  by May 2018




Price includes all travel in China, accomadation, food and training.

We suggest bringing £300 spenidng money.


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July 24 - August 6 2018 - suggested date 

***Only 10 places available***






Beijing 🚄 Zhengzhou (B,L,D) — Say hi to the Abbot


Today we will travel from Shanghai to the Capital of Henan, Zhengzhou, by Bullet train travelling up to 300MPH to do a 600 journey in just two hours. We will be picked up by our Tour Team from Taoguo Wushu School - The world’s largest Kung Fu school with over 30,000 students living on site and training everyday! They will take us straight to the Shaolin Temple where we will store our belongings in our room and proceed to meet our master the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple to announce our arrival. We will then have dinner and walk around the Temple grounds and explore the training areas.





The day starts at 5:30am with a run to the Pagoda forest, followed by a morning training session at the gates of the Temple, along side other Kung Fu schools and their students. We will then return to Cheng Ge’s building (my older Kung Fu Brother), where we will be staying, to have breakfast and time to relax, preparing for the day ahead. We will then run back down to the Temple at 8:30am to train for 2 more hours; this will be in the Main Training Hall at the Temple. We will practise jumps, forms and fitness. From 10:30am-11:30am we will have a chill out time to just relax and embrace the experience of being at the Temple - watching a show, meditation or just wandering around in this amazing place. We will then head back up the mountain to Cheng Ge’s to have lunch followed by a power nap from 12:30-2pm. Waking up at 2pm, we will have an hour to get ready for the rest of the day. On days that we are back at Shaolin in time, we will head back to the Temple or train around the mountains from 6-8pm. We will have dinner around 8pm and then will have until 9pm to get ready for bed and have a well-deserved sleep.



Training — Xi Shi Li Village — Hu Zhengsheng(B,L,D)


From 3pm we will head to Xi Shi Li Village to visit and train at the traditional Kung Fu School. We will meet the Master Hu Zhengsheng - a renowned Kung Fu master for his skill in Xin Yi Ba. On arrival we will give a performance, and also watch a performance, to break the ice. We will then have the opportunity to train with some of his most advanced students. Everyone will train together and learn a new form. There are around 200 students at this school and this is where Da Ge trained and also coached. We will have dinner and play ping pong with the students before leaving to return to the Temple at 8:30pm.



Training — The Sports University  of Zhengzhou — meet Wang Zhanfei  — Culture exchange (B,L,D)


From 3pm we will head to The Sports University of Zhengzhou to visit and train at the Shaolin Boxing School. We will meet the head coach Wang Zhanfei  - a long time friend of Da Ge’s and Tiger Fist star of the original wheel of life show. We will give a performance and then watch a performance from some of his best students. We will then work on some jumps training with a group of his elite team. Everyone will train together and learn a new group set. There are around 300 students at this school and this is where Da Ge trained and rehearsed for tours across Asia! We will have dinner at the school and then travel into central Dengfeng for a full body an hour massage before returning back to the Temple.



Rest — Hiking mountains — San Huangzhai Temple (B,L,D)


Today we will not do our regular training - We will have a rest in the morning and after breakfast will head out on a long journey deep into the mountains. After a 30 minute walk we will take a 20 minute flight over the beautiful Song Mountain in the Shaolin Cable Carts to the top of the mountain. We will then trek deep into the mountain range climb through gaps in the mountain and up and down steep sections until we arrive at the famous Wire Bridge which takes you across one peak to the next over 300 metres above ground level. When looking down you find yourself in the middle of a cloud - true beauty! After another trek we will find the San Huangzhai Temple - an amazing Temple built in the middle of no where - years of walking bricks up has created the most spectacular piece of building work you could ever imagine! It will take no less than 2 hours to reach - on arrival we will chill out have some snacks, train, shoot some videos and photos and meditate. Around 1pm we will make our way back towards the Cable cars. We will get back to Cheng Ge’s at around 4/5pm - everyone will have some time to relax before dinner.



Training — Visit Wushu Guan — Performance  — Culture exchange(B,L,D)


After a hard morning of training we will go to visit the Wushu Guan. This is an incredible performance centre for the best of best! We will give a demo of our best moves and then they will show us what they have. We will perform along the path way to the Shaolin Temple with 100s of tourists crowding around to watch this spectacular culture exchange of two great Kung Fu teams. Once we have performed we will enter the theatre and watch a show and have the opportunity to take part and win some prizes. There is a great shopping centre inside the Wushu Guan where you will be able to pick up some Shaolin Goodies including some delicious Shaolin Cookies.



Breakfast with the Shaolin Monks — Damo Cave  — Photos(B,L,D)


Another change of plan - no morning training but plenty of hard work ahead! We will wake up and head down to the Temple to have breakfast with the Shaolin Monks in the Shaolin Dinning room. We will then make our way to Damo Cave over 800 metres above ground level — however this will not be a trek! This will be a run! Last year Da Ge got to the Top in 12 minutes followed by Li Ge at 19 minutes and the rest of the team at around 30 minutes! It is not easy but the feeling you get when you get to the top is incredible! Once we reach the top we will visit the cave and the over 5 metre tall statue of Damo mediating at the peak of Mount Song! Once at the Top we will take some photos and shoot some videos before heading back down. We will run half way down to the nunnery to have a look around. We will then continue our way down the mountain head first as we crawl down on our hands and knees! Not an easy task but without a doubt a must for any Shaolin trainee!  



Training — Dengfeng City —  Shopping — Street food —  Massage (B,L,D)


After our afternoon we will head into Dengfeng City visiting the Bei Huan Lu Strip. With over 3 blocks of Wushu shops, you will be able to find anything you need from Calligraphy, clothing, weapons and much more. We will finish shopping at Peipei Jie (My older Sister - in Chinese Culture) who runs the Shaolin Temple clothing store where we will make our final purchase and then we will leave our things at this store until we return to the Shaolin Temple later that evening. We will then explore Songyang Park before heading into central Dengfeng for some street food for dinner - Chinese style Pizza is on the menu. We will finish up by having a massage for an hour and then will be picked up and dropped back to the Temple.



Dengfeng City — Songyang Park — Pagoda  —  Pool play (B,L,D)


We will head off to Dengfeng early morning to have breakfast at a local cafe. We will then head to the foot of Songshan Mountain range to trek deep into the mountain, searching for small temples along the way. The scenery is truly breathtaking and we will have plenty of opportunity to take photos of the beautiful surroundings. We will then travel into central Dengfeng for Lunch - Traditional Shao Bing - Chinese Bread will be on the menu. After lunch we will head to Songyang Park to run to the top of the 300 step Mountain to the Pagoda at the peak. We will spend some time embracing the stunning view of the city and then head back down to the boot for some chill out time. We will play pool, roller blade and get some ice cream. We will finish the evening with another body massage and dinner in Dengfeng before heading back to the Temple.



 Training — 9 Dragon Lake — Photos (B,L,D)


Once we are ready and re energised after our afternoon nap we will head into Songshan Mountain to find the 9 Dragon Lake - another beauty spot with striking waterfall and lake area. We will stop for a team chat and then take some photos and videos in the water. If you have seen any photos from last year, this is one of our favourite spots and has an incredible energy about it. We will then head back to Cheng Ge’s for dinner and an early night.


DAY 10

Photos taken in 1000 Buddha Hall — Pagoda Forest(B,L,D)


Today we will spend the day taking videos and photos in two main areas - first will be the 1000 buddha hall - the ancient training hall of the Shaolin Monks where their foot indications can be seen from the hard training that has taken place over 1000’s of years. We will then head to the Pagoda Forest - an ancient graveyard for some of Shaolin’s most famous masters - it is also a treasured place for training as the energy is so powerful. We will have dinner back at Cheng Ge’s place once we have wrapped up at the Pagoda Forest.


DAY 11

Training — Afternoon Chanting session — Shaolin Cafe(B,L,D)


This afternoon we will head back to the Temple to take part in the afternoon Chanting session - a 45minute sutra which is truly incredible and makes you feel extremely peaceful and spiritual.  We will then hang around the Temple and rest in the Shaolin Cafe until sun set - taking photos in the Temple once all the tourists have left.


DAY 12

Zhengzhou 🚄  Beijing, Beijing ✈️ London (B)


Today you will board a flight to return home. Your amazing China trip has come to an end and we hope you had a great time with Shaolin Wellbeing Shaolin Tour!!

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