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  • Beginner Level Payment Plan

    Every month
    This is a Monthly Fee for Students who have reached the Beginner Level.
    • 3 Weekly Classes
    • Weekly session during term time
    • Free access to Assesment Programs
    • General interaction on forum per week
  • Novice Level Payment Plan

    Every month
    This is a Monthly Fee for Students who have reached the Novice Level.
    • 8 Weekly Classes
    • 1 written feedback on forum posts per week
    • 25% Off Regular Price



We are excited to announce that we will now be offering a payment plan option to help spread the cost of the academic year. The Temple runs four 10 week terms; Autumn (9weeks), Winter, Spring & Summer. This adds up to a total of 39 weeks per year which leaves the remaining weeks for half term breaks, festive holidays and Temple trips. In order for price plans to cover tuition at the Temple, plans must be paid for a total of 12months for each academic year, or from the date you sign up, covering the four terms.


Being on a price plan not only helps you spread the cost but gives you access to more classes for your money. On average you will save over 50% being on a price plan compared to paying as you go.


The price plan will give you access to classes within that plan on a weekly basis during term time. Please note you must book in for classes you would like to attended. Sessions that you miss can not be compensated for. 


Please note the following for clarification about how the price plan works:


Plans can be frozen at any moment in time for a desired period of time - please do keep in mind that the time a plan is frozen will dictate the time a student can not attend classes. For example; If you freeze your plan for 2 weeks, when the plan is unfrozen you will then miss those 2 weeks of term time classes here at the Temple - even if your plan is frozen during term time or a break period.


During a period of illness/injury that extends 7 days you can request to freeze/redeem your missed sessions insuring you can supply a valid doctors note.


If you cancel a price plan and then return to train at the Temple within 8 weeks, the missing period of payments will still be due before you can continue with a new price plan. Please note that the new price plan could be at a higher price than the original plan you had cancelled.



The above applies to planned breaks during term time.

However in the case that due to covid we are unable to fulfill our commitment of four terms within the academic year time frame we will of course be offering credit for the next academic year and/or refunds to those who will not continue to train with us.


In the case of a refund request the total amount will be worked out based on how many monthly payment have been made and how many sessions have taken place during that period. If there is debt on the account the temple will absorb the loss. If there is credit on the account this will be transferred to the customers bank account within 14 days after receiving their bank details. 

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