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Kung Fu Basic Drill Assessment

  • 5Weeks
  • 2Steps
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Kung Fu is the essence of our practice here at the temple. Our Kung Fu Basic Drill Assessment program has been meticulously crafted to evaluate your current proficiency in the art of Kung Fu. Understanding your starting point is vital in creating a tailored plan that will propel your growth and development. Through this assessment, we gain invaluable insights to customize a program that aligns with your unique needs and goals. Prepare to unleash your boundless potential and conquer new frontiers in your Kung Fu journey. During this program, you'll be guided step by step to provide essential information, including photos, videos, and any other relevant details that will assist us in accurately assessing your current level. It is crucial to provide honest and comprehensive responses for each task. If there are exercises or techniques that pose significant challenges, feel free to indicate a zero or share a current photo or video showcasing your current abilities. Embrace this transformative opportunity and together, let us soar to new heights in your training.

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Kung Fu Basic Drill Assessment

Kung Fu Basic Drill Assessment

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