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Cheng Glying.jpeg

Inspired by Spiderman my dream was to

become a real life superhero.

As a kid, growing up as a huge spiderman fan imprinted the desire in me to one day be able to move like the wall crawler himself. However, the thought of doing any kind of flip was scary. I would always be amazed when watching others do it and think “i wish that could be me”

It wasn’t long after training at the temple that I finally overcame my fear and did my first backflip! and that was it. My desire to learn new and interesting ways to move my body grew. I later discovered freerunning which added a new dimension to my training. Taking the movements that I could do on the floor to the streets. Flipping off walls, ledges, rails and anything I could find. After years of pushing myself to my physical and mental limits, I found myself able to do amazing feats that I always wanted to do.

My aim is to show people that they can do the same no matter what background they are from.To remove the barriers that limit themselves from what they want to achieve and take flight.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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