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WATER 500ml

WATER 500ml

Still Natural Mineral Water

Pure British

Sourced from the rolling hills of Cumbria

100% natural mineral water

At Aqua Pura we are proud to call the beautiful county of Cumbria our home. Its stunning mountains, fells and lakes make a truly great outdoors.
The best thing about the Cumbrian countryside is that it's there to be experienced by all. We love encouraging everyone to get out and get active - and of course to enjoy drinking great-tasting Cumbrian Natural Mineral Water!

Did you know?
Aqua Pura Natural Mineral Water is naturally protected and sourced from a Special Area of Conservation in Cumbria.
It flows through ancient under-ground rocks before we bottle it at source. These rocks are called an 'aquifer' and are 300 million years old.
Most importantly, because we bottle from just one source, Aqua Pura will always deliver a clear and refreshing taste.

Are you drinking enough water?
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Aqua Pura in association with Cumbria Tourism

Bottled at source.

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