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Uniting Cultures, Tradition, and Community

The Dragon Boat Festival, or Duanwu Festival, is an integral part of Chinese culture. Celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, this vibrant festival commemorates the renowned poet and statesman Qu Yuan. Alongside exhilarating Dragon Boat races, the festival showcases traditional Kung Fu displays and mesmerizing Lion Dances. For over a decade, the Temple performance team, including MJ, T (since he was a tiny baby) and the Kung Fu fam, has played a significant role in the Manchester Dragon Boat Festival in the UK, captivating audiences with their talent and spirit.


A Celebration of Tradition

Rooted in Rich History:


For thousands of years, the Dragon Boat Festival has been a time-honored tradition. Beyond honoring Qu Yuan, it serves as a means to ward off evil spirits and diseases. Vibrant decorations adorn homes, while the aroma of Zongzi, sticky rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves, fills the air. The rhythmic beats of drums amplify the festive atmosphere, heightening the excitement.

The Essence of Dragon Boat Festival

Deeply Connected:

The Dragon Boat Festival shares a profound connection with martial arts. Traditional Kung Fu displays during the opening ceremonies embody strength, discipline, and the unity of mind and body. Skilled practitioners showcase awe-inspiring techniques, paying homage to the legacy of Chinese martial arts. Meanwhile, graceful Lion Dance performances captivate spectators with their acrobatic movements and vibrant costumes, symbolizing good luck and fortune.

The Temple Performance Team: A Force of Tradition

Dedicated to the Festival's Spirit:

For over a decade, the Temple performance team, led by MJ, have been an indispensable part of the Manchester Dragon Boat Festival. Their dedication and passion bring the essence of traditional Kung Fu and Lion Dance to the heart of the event. Not only do they demonstrate their remarkable skills, but they also actively participate in the thrilling Dragon Boat races, embodying the true spirit of the festival.

A Liberating Community Event

Transcending Boundaries:

The Dragon Boat Festival transcends cultural barriers, uniting people from diverse backgrounds. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals to come together, celebrate, and experience an inspiring event. Witnessing breathtaking demonstrations, cheering on teams, and immersing oneself in the collective energy of the crowd fosters a sense of camaraderie and joy. The festival serves as a powerful reminder of the unifying force of community, forging connections that surpass borders.

Join the Celebration

An Invitation to Inspiring Entertainment:

If you find yourself in the Manchester area today, don't miss the captivating Dragon Boat Festival at the Quay Docks. Immerse yourself in the vibrant entertainment and events that showcase the beauty of traditional Chinese culture. Feel the adrenaline rush as Dragon Boat teams paddle towards victory, marvel at mesmerizing Kung Fu displays, and be enchanted by the Lion Dance performances. This event promises to inspire, entertain, and leave you with cherished memories.

The Dragon Boat Festival is an extraordinary celebration of culture, tradition, and community. Through Dragon Boat races, traditional Kung Fu displays, and the involvement of the Temple show team, the Manchester Dragon Boat Festival creates a remarkable showcase of talent and spirit. Embrace this opportunity to join the festival, bask in its vibrant atmosphere, and forge lasting connections with people from all walks of life. Together, let us celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival—a unifying force that transcends borders.

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