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In the vibrant TempleFam community, we value the art of powerful photography as a means of preserving the spirit of our temple. During a memorable Thursday afternoon, Blanka, a dear friend and long-term student, showcased her photography expertise. With DG & DJ meeting Blanka back in 2008 during Blanka's China trip retreat, Blanka has consistently been a prominent figure within the Temple community she captured breathtaking images, including iconic shots at the Peace Pagoda, Shaolin Elements, and many more. These candid snapshots were taken during a special visit, paving the way for Blanka's collaboration in the creation of Temple X Blanka Project book titled "Strong Mind Strong Body." This remarkable collection of photos encapsulates the very essence and significance of the Strong Mind Strong Body philosophy through the art of Kung Fu. Have you had the chance to explore this remarkable book? We will post the digital version soon.

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So cute lil T 🥰🥰

Me gusta

Chun Jane
Chun Jane
29 jun 2023

Wow that’s a long time ago! Hahahah, love Throwback Thursdays!! 🔥🔥

Me gusta
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