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Temple Hand-crafted A5 note book

Temple Hand-crafted A5 note book


Introducing the Temple Notepad - a beautifully designed A5 size notepad infused with Kung Fu inspiration. Hand-Crafted by DaGe at Temple each book is unique, this notepad features a classic Temple Orange cover with a personalized name tag, reflecting its authenticity. Made using the traditional Chinese bookbinding method, it contains 100 pages of high-quality recycled brown paper, making it an eco-friendly choice.

The Temple Notepad is your ideal companion for staying organized and focused. Whether you need to track your training progress, jot down goals, plan your diet, or unleash your creativity through sketches, this versatile notebook has got you covered. Embodying the essence of tradition, the book opens from the back and reads from right to left, following the time-honored Chinese approach.

The Temple Notepad is here to inspire your writing journey with the touch of Kung Fu tradition.

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