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Unleash the Hidden Power of Kung Fu: Awaken Your Warrior Spirit

Train at home, in the gym, outdoors, or at the Temple with us in person – whenever and wherever you want.

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Unleash Greatness,


Temple is more than just a Kung Fu school—it's a transformative haven where you can ignite your inner strength, unleash your potential, and thrive. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the ancient art of Kung Fu, discovering a whole new world of training methods. With every changing season, we bring you exhilarating workouts, invaluable nutrition guidance, and unwavering support from our esteemed Temple Master Trainers. Together, as a united community of diverse individuals spanning all ages and genders, we inspire and uplift one another to reach new heights of greatness. It's time to break free from limitations and unlock your true potential with Temple, where we all strive to become the very best versions of ourselves. Train at home, in the gym, outdoors, or at the Temple with us in person – whenever and wherever you want.

Temple Training Kung Fu

Why Temple Training?


At Temple, we are not merely focused on teaching kicks and punches. We provide a lifelong home for serious Kung Fu enthusiasts who seek a passionate community and an unwavering commitment to the art. With our enriched curriculum, world-class Temple Master Trainerss, and dedication to physical and personal development, Temple offers a unique essence that goes beyond modern ideas Kung Fu. Temple provides intentional, progressive workout programs with specific nutrition, recovery, and mindset tips along the way. Temple wide range of Programs will help you make progress on your own schedule and at your speed. Whether you're just getting started, or you want to take your Kung Fu journey to the next level, Temple will help you get there.

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Physical Fitness

Develop total body strength, power, and endurance through a variety of exercises and training techniques. Achieve optimal physical performance, increase muscular strength, and enhance overall athletic abilities.

Movement & Flexibility

Improve range of motion, joint mobility, and overall flexibility to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Enhance body control, prevent injuries, and improve functional movement patterns for daily activities and sports.

Martial Arts Mastery.

Master the art of Kung Fu through dedicated training, focusing on techniques, boxing skills, weaponry, and martial arts principles. Cultivate discipline, self-defense techniques, mental focus, and gain a deep understanding of martial arts philosophy.

Customised Training Programmes Tailored to You


Elevate your training experience with Temple's flexible and personalized programs. Our tailored plans adapt to your progress, schedule, and lifestyle, empowering you to achieve your goals. Whether you prefer in-person sessions or training from home, we have a routine that suits your needs and ensures your success. Our multi-week programs go beyond workouts, providing expert guidance on wellness and nutrition. No matter your athletic background, you'll have all the tools to enhance your Kung Fu skills and maintain your progress. Each program is designed for specific outcomes, whether it's building strength, improving flexibility, leaning out, or mastering Kung Fu movements. Utilize the Temple Training App during home workouts or in-person sessions at Temple, maximizing your time and potential. Start your transformative journey with Temple and unlock your true training potential.

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Trainers who love what they do


Embark on your Kung Fu journey with Temple's world-class master trainers who bring expertise, enthusiasm, and approachability to every session. While an app can assist with workouts, it's the incredible people at Temple who truly inspire and support your progress. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Kung Fu enthusiast, our trainers are dedicated to guiding you towards your goals. With their knowledge and motivation, you'll find the encouragement and accountability you need to consistently show up and achieve remarkable results. Let Temple's exceptional trainers be your guiding force as you strive for greatness in your Kung Fu journey.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

At Temple, we have meticulously crafted our training facility over the past 15 years to cater to the needs of our students, members, and community. Step into our Chinese Temple-style building, an architectural marvel reminiscent of the heart of China itself.

Power of Attire

At Temple, we believe in the power of attire to elevate your Kung Fu journey. Our dress code isn't just about training; it's about making a statement. We're not here to impress others; we're here to impress ourselves.


At Temple, we are more than just a martial arts school. We are a tight-knit community that embraces the holistic aspects of Kung Fu, encompassing physical training, mental fortitude, and the power of unity.

Temple Kung Fu
Temple Kung Fu Spud

Unveiling the Path to Progress in Training, Consistency, and Commitment

Embarking on your martial arts journey is a quest for growth and progression. As you strive to level up, it’s essential to understand the importance of training frequency, consistency, and financial commitment. Increasing your training frequency enables you to invest more time and effort, unlocking your true potential. Consistency becomes the cornerstone of progress, reinforcing skills through regular attendance and dedication. As you advance, a proportional increase in financial input reflects the higher level of commitment and the investment in your development. By embracing these elements, you pave the way for consistent progress, ensuring that your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself continues to thrive


Consistency: Fueling Your Advancement

Consistency is the bedrock upon which progress is built. As you push yourself to new heights, maintaining a regular training routine becomes crucial. Every session contributes to your growth, and a steadfast commitment to attending classes regularly is vital. By showing up consistently, you maximize your learning opportunities and reinforce your skills, gradually elevating your capabilities.


Training Frequency: Unleashing Your Potential

When it comes to moving up from one level to the next, an increase in training frequency becomes paramount. Just as the old saying goes, "The more you put in, the more you get out." It's essential to recognize that maintaining the same intensity while seeking improvement is simply not mathematically feasible. Therefore, to continue progressing, you must embrace the need to invest more time and effort into your training.


Financial Input: Investing in Your Development

Just as training frequency increases, so does the financial investment required to support your progression. As you train more frequently, there will be an expectation for you to attend additional classes and contribute more actively. Consequently, the cost of classes and overall tuition will naturally reflect this increased level of commitment. Remember, this financial input is an investment in your development and the realization of your potential.

Grading System & Levels | Celebrate Your Achievements 


At the Temple, all students train together, embracing a unified community irrespective of individual levels. Our core principle centers around the values of time, patience, and consistency. Training is structured into 5 distinct levels: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite. Through termly challenges, assessments and grading ceromines students can gauge their current level in specific components and strive to level up. As a general rule, the more dedicated and diligent one's training, the greater the transformation. Join us on this journey of continuous improvement and unlock your true capabilities at the Temple.

Acknowledge your efforts with a collection of badges, milestones, reports as you progress and Kung Fu scrolls. Accomplishments will be posted in the grade area each term, ensuring you stay motivated and committed to your training journey. Earn badges not only for reaching workout milestones like completing programs, leveling up, or maintaining consistent streaks throughout programs and terms but also for special occasions such as birthdays, New Year, and Halloween.

Ascending to Excellence: Embrace the Thrilling World of Temple Grading Ceremonies

Experience the awe-inspiring journey of Temple Grading Ceremonies, where students showcase their Kung Fu prowess, receive evaluations, and level up in their martial arts journey. These captivating events unite communities, celebrate progress and dedication, and honor exceptional achievements. From dynamic performances to esteemed awards, Temple Grading Ceremonies embody the spirit of growth, determination, and camaraderie. Discover the transformative power of Kung Fu and witness firsthand the remarkable progression of students as they ascend to new levels of excellence.

Empowered Expression:

Nurturing Communication Skills and Positive Mindset

Drawing inspiration from Kung Fu, originating from China, and partly influenced by Buddhism, we embrace the principles of mindfulness and positive thinking. Just as the word "Chan" represents mindfulness in China, and "Zen" signifies a similar concept in Japan, Empowered Expression combines these elements to empower individuals through effective communication and cultivating a positive outlook.At Temple, we believe in the power of communication and positivity as essential skills for personal growth and living a meaningful, happy life. Our new project, Empowered Expression, focuses on nurturing communication abilities and fostering a positive mindset within our students.

Temple Kung Fu Minfulness

Seasonal Term Times To Keep You On Track.


Start training with a dedicated team to help you hit your goals—while adjusting to each season to ensure you get the most for your effort. With Temple, we run four 10 week training terms switching up the focus every term to ensure you stay highly motivated and challenged. Whether you just want to get fit, learn some new skills or just have fun there's a routine that fits you and your schedule so that you can reach your goals—from mixed group sessions to one-to-one sessions and home learning.



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Start of Term 26 Aug 

Half Term | 30 Sep - 6 Oct

Grading Day | 10 Nov


Start of Term | 18 Nov 

Christmas | 22 Dec - 6 Jan

Grading Day | 10 Feb


Start of Term | 17 Feb 

Easter | 30 Mar - 13 Apr

Grading Day | 10 May


Start of Term | 18 May 

Half Term | 22 Jun - 29 Jun

Grading Day | 2 Aug

Enrolment Process Program: Choose Your Temple Experience


At Temple, our primary focus is the development and success of our members. Before immersing new members in our Temple Training Workouts, we believe in preparing them to ensure they possess the necessary focus and ability to thrive in our structured environment. Our goal is to foster personal responsibility within each student while building a strong sense of community spirit.

With over 15+ years of experience, we understand the challenges of effectively integrating new members. Often, this leads to some individuals losing interest or feeling discouraged, doubting their Kung Fu skills or their fit within Temple Training. However, we have devised a unique approach to address this concern.

Step 1 | Assessment Process:


At Temple, we value your unique goals and circumstances. As part of our enrolment process, we'll guide you through an assessment to understand your aspirations, experience, and any physical limitations you might have. Through our online programme, we'll evaluate your flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance, and determine your current Kung Fu level. Additionally, we'll inquire about your preference for in-person training at Temple or home training, as we have an inclusive community with members from various locations all around the world.

Step 2 | Personalized Training Path:

Based on your assessment results and your desired training approach (in-person or home), we will provide you with a personalized training plan. If you choose in-person training at the temple, you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our vibrant community and receive hands-on guidance from our experienced instructors. Alternatively, if you prefer home training, we offer a comprehensive programme that enables you to make progress from anywhere in the world.

Taking the Next Step


Once your assessment is complete, we'll send you a detailed breakdown of our suggestions for your training path, which may take up to 7 days, but we aim to complete it within 48 hours. This will include information on costs, commitment requirements, and the benefits you can expect. If you decide to proceed and enrol, we will provide you with a convenient payment option and book your first session accordingly. Additionally, you'll be invited to join our 10-week training programme, specifically tailored to your current level. This programme serves as a valuable resource for self-guided progress on days when you're unable to attend in-person sessions.


At Temple, we are dedicated to your growth and success, regardless of your location. Whether you train with us at our temple or from the comfort of your own home, our committed team will support you throughout your journey.

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