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State-of-the-Art Facilities and Training Environment

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Heart of China


At Temple, we have meticulously crafted our training facility over the past 15 years to cater to the needs of our students, members, and community. Step into our Chinese Temple-style building, an architectural marvel reminiscent of the heart of China itself. The captivating courtyard, designed by our founder MJ, reflects his inspiration from his time in China, with its intricately designed Chinese-style roof and doors that guide you from one hall to another. This fully matted training area provides a safe space for students, complete with a high bar for outdoor calisthenics and weight racks for resistance training in the fresh air. Strengthen your body with our range of farming tires and traditional Kung Fu dummies, while the large incense box sets the perfect ambiance for training. Explore the outdoor space dedicated to boxing bags and training equipment, allowing you to embrace the summer training sessions. The courtyard also offers seating for reflection, rest, and engaging conversations, adorned with authentic Chinese ornaments and art that transports you to the sacred temples of China.

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Training Chamber

As we understand the impact of facilities on student success, we have equipped Temple with state-of-the-art resources. Our main training hall, spanning over 100 square meters, features professional matting, mirrors stretching over 12 meters, and an integrated sound system to elevate your training experience. Towering equipment, including vaults, helps develop spatial awareness and coordination. Our versatile space even includes a pop-up boxing ring and high bar setup to ensure optimal training conditions throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, with artwork adorning the walls and a meticulously designed interior to inspire and push your limits. With dedicated storage spaces, we house an extensive collection of weapons, boxing gloves, kick pads, crash mats, springboards, air tracks, and plyo boxes, providing you with every tool you need to reach your full potential. Enhance your speed and agility with our agility training equipment, including ladders, hurdles, cones, and skipping ropes.

Temple Kung Fu The Valley

The Valley

Step into the heart of our summertime training as you venture down the road to the serene valley. It serves as the perfect backdrop for our Kung Fu practice, mirroring the essence of the Shaolin monastery and the breathtaking Song Mountain in China. From sunrise to sunset, we harness the beauty of this valley, immersing ourselves in nature and its powerful benefits. Whether it's invigorating runs, traditional stair crawling techniques, or expansive training grounds, we provide our students the opportunity to thrive in the open air. Within this tranquil space, we discover a deeper level of focus and self-realization. Whether it's a Zen meditation session by the lakeside, a rejuvenating hike through the valley, or perfecting our 100m sprints amidst the vibrant greenery and vast blue sky, we embrace it all. From weapons training to Qi Gong and drawing inspiration from animal-style Kung Fu, the valley becomes our sacred training ground.

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The Car Park

Beyond its primary purpose as a convenient parking space for temple visitors, our expansive car park holds endless possibilities. Spanning over 100 meters, it serves as a daily training ground for our dedicated members. From invigorating sprint drills to dynamic plyometric frog jumps and everything in between, the car park ignites your training regimen. Embrace the freedom to explore long weapons such as the spear, rope dart, throwing stars, chain whips, and even the mighty bull whip. With this additional space, we empower our students to push their boundaries and achieve their goals. Discover a new realm of growth and unleash your true potential within the vast training grounds of our extraordinary car park.

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