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The Time is Now. Unlock your Warrior Spirit Today.

Discover a world of possibilities. Whether you live in the local North London area, or have traveled from a far, unleash your inner warrior spirit at Temple's in-person sessions. Explore an array of captivating classes, from Kung Fu Boxing to endurance Running, Power Training, and Mobility to weapons & acrobatics. Elevate your skills and ignite your warrior spirit with our comprehensive timetable below. Get ready to level up and embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery through the power of Kung Fu!

  • Kung Fu Boxing, the captivating symphony of movement that will ignite ...

    Sat, Sun

    55 min

  • Spark your Kung Fu spirit with the power of Basic Drills, the heartbea...


    55 min

  • Soar through the air, defying gravity as you unleash explosive kicks w...

    Wed, Sun

    55 min

  • an awe-inspiring blend of athleticism, agility, and artistic finesse t...

    Thu, Sat, Sun

    55 min

  • Learning Chinese offers a world of possibilities...


    55 min

    9.99 British pounds
  • Kung Fu high bar work – an electrifying fusion of strength, agility, a...


    55 min

  • In the realm of Kung Fu, strength training reigns supreme, fueling the...

    Mon, Wed, Thu

    55 min

  • Unleash the power of running, following in the footsteps of the legend...

  • Prepare to ignite the fire within with the electrifying world of Kung ...


    55 min

  • Take your Kung Fu journey to extraordinary heights with the fusion of ...

    Mon, Wed, Fri

    1 hr 55 min

    19.95 British pounds
  • Flexibility & Mobility are essential elements that unlock a world of e...


    55 min

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