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Embrace the Journey of Kung Fu and Self-Development

Discover a transformative year-round experience at Temple

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Embrace the Journey of Kung Fu and Self-Development


Discover a transformative year-round experience at Temple, your martial arts hub and Kung Fu community space. Immerse yourself in our structured yearly program, tailored to ignite your passion for Kung Fu and guide you towards personal growth. 


Experience the Magic of Each Season:


Autumn's Unveiling: Unleashing the Mastery of Sword and Shield


As we embark on a thrilling new academic year, the vibrant hues of autumn surround us, setting the stage for a remarkable journey at the Temple. Prepare to immerse yourself in a groundbreaking experience as we introduce a first-of-its-kind training program—the art of the sword and shield. Witness the harmonious fusion of graceful movement and powerful weaponry, as the captivating colors of the tassel and the intricately painted fierce tiger on the shield ignite your spirit. With roots deeply embedded in the hallowed grounds of Shaolin Monastery in China, this extraordinary opportunity unveils a realm of extraordinary possibilities.


Winter's Embrace: Unleashing the Spirit of Bruce Lee with Double Nunchucks


As the chilling winds of winter draw near, we gather to honor the extraordinary life, birthday, and enduring legacy of the legendary Bruce Lee. Join us on a thrilling journey into the heart of martial arts as we pay tribute to the iconic master with an awe-inspiring choreography inspired by his mesmerizing performance in the timeless movie, Way of the Dragon. Prepare to immerse yourself in the exhilarating realm of the double nunchucks, as we step into the Year of the Dragon with unyielding determination.


Spring Blossom: Unleash Your Inner Dragon

Embrace this opportunity to embody the spirit of the dragon, tapping into your hidden potential and experiencing the transformative power of dragon boxing. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the art, this journey will ignite your passion and fuel your progress.


Join us as we celebrate the Year of the Dragon and embark on an unforgettable adventure through the ancient art of dragon boxing. Are you ready to soar to new heights? Embrace the power within and let your inner dragon shine.

Embrace the Summer Heat: Mastering the Art of the Deadly Kung Fu Fan


As the scorching sun casts its golden rays upon us, we embark on a journey like no other—the realm of the Kung Fu Fan. Graceful, yet deadly, this seemingly unassuming weapon holds immense power and hidden secrets, waiting to be unleashed at a moment's notice.

Elevate Your Experience: 


Like China Summer Workshop

Immerse yourself in an intensive 21-day training challenge, mirroring the dedication seen at the legendary China Shaolin Monastery. Push your limits and level up as you train up to 6 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Adventure to China:

Embark on an extraordinary journey to the Shaolin Temple, a profound opportunity to experience authentic Kung Fu training. Secure your spot by paying deposits at the start of each term.


Prepare for a New Academic Year:

As summer draws to a close, get ready to embrace a fresh chapter in your Kung Fu journey. The new academic year commences towards the end of August or the beginning of September, marking an exciting phase of growth and self-discovery.


Join Temple's Seasons and unlock the extraordinary within you. Embrace the rhythm of each term, explore diverse forms, and discover a world of self-expression through the art of Kung Fu. Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation? Let's begin.

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