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Temple Red Envelope

Temple Red Envelope


Hi, Temple Fam,

We're incredibly excited to introduce you to Temple's product – the Temple Red Envelope!

Have you ever struggled to choose the perfect gift, heartfelt message, or greeting card to slip into an envelope? Well, we're here to provide you with the ultimate solution. The red envelope, deeply rooted in the classic culture of Chinese social etiquette, has always been a captivating symbol. It frequently takes center stage at weddings, Lunar New Year festivities, traditional holidays, and any significant moments where congratulations are in order. What's more, it's versatile enough for various other occasions, including using it to make cash payments, it signifies your desire to extend well-wishes for the success of their business

In Chinese legends, it's said that monsters fear the color red, which is why it's considered a protective symbol during important events. Additionally, in Chinese elemental philosophy (comprising metal, wood, water, fire, and earth), red embodies the "fire" element, signifying the sun and representing growth, courage, strength, and vitality. This is why, on numerous occasions, we choose to enclose gifts or other meaningful items in red envelopes. It's a way to convey heartfelt blessings and share positive energy with the recipient.

The Temple Red Envelope boasts dimensions of 88x168mm, making it suitable for most standard- sized items. With its dragon-inspired design, it adds an extra layer of symbolism and Chinese elegance to your red envelopes.

Explore it in Temple shop and send your batch of heartfelt blessings to those close to your h

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