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Unleashing the Spirit of the Snake:

A Spectacular Chinese New Year Celebration in 2013

Chinese New Year 2013, the Year of the Snake, brought forth an unforgettable celebration that left an indelible mark on everyone's hearts. With over a hundred enthusiastic attendees, the temple was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The vibrant atmosphere was amplified as we showcased an awe-inspiring performance that mesmerized the audience. But the thrill didn't end there, as we ventured into a captivating, stimulating, and downright fun-to-the-limit Kung Fu Snake workshop. Laughter filled the air as we engaged in exhilarating games and shared unforgettable moments with good friends and kindred spirits. The memories we created were truly priceless. Let's come together again this coming CNY and relive the magic, as we continue to honor tradition, embrace joy, and forge unforgettable bonds.

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