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Introducing Lan Lan: The Dragon Warrior

For those unfamiliar with Lan Lan, allow me to introduce her. She holds the esteemed title of Temple's official 2022-23 academic year Dragon Warrior – an accolade bestowed upon the student of the year. In just three years, she has risen to greatness, epitomizing the true essence of Kung Fu – skill achieved over time through dedication and effort.

Back in the summer of 2020, Lan, also known as Charlotte, couldn't manage even a single push-up. Fast forward, and she has become a master of various Kung Fu disciplines. Her expertise extends from different boxing styles to exceptional weaponry, where she showcases her craftsmanship by forging her own swords, nunchucks, and three-section staffs, exemplifying the modern-day Shaolin spirit.

A true warrior, Lan Lan's commitment to Kung Fu knows no bounds. She travels for hours, even on weekdays after long days at a full time job, covering miles on foot, braving the deep valleys, just to reach the Temple. Always the first to arrive and the last to leave, she leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of excellence.

But Kung Fu goes beyond physical training or learning combat skills. As Lan demonstrates, it is a way of life. She embodies this philosophy by immersing herself in various aspects of Kung Fu culture. Not only has she invested in her training financially to aid her progress, but she also devotes her time to volunteering at the Temple, actively contributing to its growth and community.

Lan has embarked on the journey of learning Chinese Mandarin, delving into the traditions of Kung Fu. As an intermediate student, she guides and supports others, humbly sharing her knowledge through in-person sessions and the Temple training app.

Her aspirations go beyond the Temple's walls, with dreams of making a pilgrimage to the Shaolin Monastery in China – a dream that is rapidly turning into reality.

Beyond her exceptional attributes, Lan was chosen as the Dragon Warrior for other compelling reasons. In the face of challenges, injuries, and obstacles, she epitomizes resilience and dedication. Lan's diverse background in skating and her love for tattoos might not fit the stereotypical image of a Kung Fu student, but that's precisely what Temple stands for – embracing diversity and celebrating individuality.

From her punk lifestyle to overcoming life's hurdles, Lan Lan embodies the spirit of a true Dragon Warrior, a remarkable role model for those striving to ascend to the advanced level. Lan Lan's journey showcases the epitome of a dedicated warrior, one who embraces diversity, and constantly pushes boundaries – a true Dragon Warrior in every sense.

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