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Wow, what a beautiful day! Happy Friday, Temple family. After my home workout, I headed out to the valley for what I planned to be a 60-minute walk to the temple. It ended up being over two hours with multiple workouts. The Kung Fu fan and the summer sunshine have truly fired me up and motivated me.

After last night's bunny hops and a 5-minute power workout in the valley, my legs are shocked, and it feels amazing to have that reality check and feel so alive. Remember, today is a gift, and it's important to celebrate it. I can't wait to see you all tomorrow for the start of the summer term and the countdown to the rise of the dragon.

To those joining us on our journey to the East, I wish you all the best. Let's give everything we've got this term, improving in all aspects of our Kung Fu. This goes far beyond just demonstrating movements; it's a reflection of how we spend these 10 weeks, what we eat, the people we spend time with, the goals we set, and the role we play in our society. We are citizens of the valley and members of the Temple Kung Fu family.

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Tian Ge
Tian Ge
22 mai

Summer is here!! the crazy season!!🔥☀️

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